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Informed Water Bottle [i91442]

Our body needs naturally structured water, because only in such state can water effectively facilitate the transport of nutrients inside the cells and penetrate, without difficulty, in to the intracellular spaces.


When our body does not get correctly structured water it has to process the water it has available. To do this it uses energy, which would otherwise be used for self-healing, maintaining balance - homeostasis, which is the body's ability to physiologically regulate its internal environment in order to maintain a constant, stable state (i.e. the regulation of temperature and the balance between acidity and alkalinity etc). All this use of energy weakens the resistance of the organism and potentially leads to illness.


Based on extensive research scientists have discovered that the human body improves performance capabilities and decreases recovery time by more than 15% due to effects of correctly structured water.

Informed Water Bottles are made of glass and hold a silicon tag which is encoded with several thousands of carefully selected sets of information and positive vibrations, including: numbers, colours, music, mantras, prayers, affirmations, poems, meditations, such as the Metta (Loving Kindness meditation) the Rig and Athur Veda, William Blake Love Poems, Beethoven’s Symphony 7 Movement 2 (known for its healing energy), words such as Peace, Love, Compassion, Healing, Gratitude, Vitality, Beauty, Bliss, Serenity and thousands more.  All which have been accumulated through continuous research and over a period of several decades. 

The Informed Water Bottle - i91442 was developed by a team of award winning scientists, researchers and world class inventors ~ who have received over 90 international awards and recognitions for exceptional achievements and inventions and are considered leaders in the field ~ employed a combination of several scientific processes capable of influencing the networks of joined up molecules in various matter (water, glass, plastic, metal etc.) by means of information or code which is able to restructure and encode any water based liquid, returning it to it’s optimal living state, and super charging it with high frequency energy.  This in turn is proven to have a positive impact on health, consciousness and full body wellbeing.  


During production both the bottle is blasted with Orgone energy whilst simultaneously being exposed to Gemstone Therapy.


The bottles also use the principle of Chromotherapy.  The basic principle of Chromotherapy is that when exposed to sunlight, water in a coloured container absorbs the vibrational energy of that particular colour. 

Scientists at the "Institute for Electrophotonic" Berlin carried out extensive GDV (gas discharge visualization) tests employing Kirilian photography. The Kirlian photographic process reveals visible auras around the objects - human body, water, crystals, plants being photographed. Tests have shown a substantial increase in human bio-field after drinking water from Informed Water Bottle, compared to drinking water from a regular glass bottle.  

The Institute for Electrophotonic certifies the i91422 (informed water) Bottle.

Kirlian Photograph

Certificate - Institute for Electrophototonics Berlin

Before drinking

Informed Water

After drinking

Informed Water



The process of informing utilises a combination of several scientific processes collectively known as Technology TP. 


Technology TP principles are supported by the work and research of world renowned pioneers in the field of science, such as Dr. Korotkov, Dr. Voikov, Dr. Pop, Dr. Pollak and Dr. Masaru Emoto, as well as their predecessors Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Viktor Schauberger.


If you are familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, you will understand the affect these things has on water.  If you are not familiar with Dr. Emoto Click Here.



Hydronic Technology - Facilitating controlled transfer of known information to water.

The technology used in restructuring the molecular shape of water is known as “Hydronic Technology”. The term Hydronic is the branch of scientific study that observes and experiments how the molecular structure of water can be influenced by its environment. In other words, it is the science of influencing the properties of water. Measurements can then be made of the qualitative effect of restructured water in biological processes. A simple experiment would be to put a flower in a bottle of water, which has Hydronic technology, versus another flower in a bottle of water from the same source, and observe the process.




Orgone Technology – Using Orgone devices to influence water.

There is an all-pervasive energy that is everywhere in abundance.  It is the universal life force of cosmic energy that fills the entire universe. In the 1930's Wilheim Reich conceived it as Orgone energy, the anti-entropic principle of the universe; a creative substratum in all of nature which surrounds all life forms when they are active.   Reich's theories held that deficits or constrictions in bodily orgone were at the root of many diseases. Orgone is otherwise known in Eastern traditions as 'Chi' (in China), Prana (in India), Ki (in Japan) or Mauri here in Aotearoa.


A well constructed Orgone device can help balance all life and things within its operating field. Balance, in this sense means the various positive effects that Orgone energy has on the physical, mental and emotional well being of an individual.


Technology TP uses Orgone cannons to encode water with life force energy. The Orgone generators, which Technology TP uses have large amethyst crystal geodes in their field of operation. This efficiently collects, transmutes and emits etheric energy, turning positive ions into negative ions. The positive and negative in this sense refers to the ‘polarity’ of the ions and not their inherent qualities.  It is the negative ions that provide the sense of well being.


You may notice that after a lightening storm, or being near waterfalls or, where the sea breaks you feel invigorated and refreshed.  That is because air has been charged with a high content of negative ions. Technology TP charges water with negative ions so that when you drink informed water you are ingesting negative ions.  It is the negative ions that give you the recharged feeling.




Hashing Algorithms - Mapping of variable length data to a fixed length numerical code.  

The process known as hashing allows the frequency of individual pieces of information to be translated into a numerical code. The original text might be a single word or a sentence or an entire works of text.  The hashing algorithm converts it into a number or a fixed length text. This allows for any word, text or book to be translated into a numerical number that emits the same frequency as the written text. This allows for a multitude of information to be encoded into water. (source:  On the Informed Water Bottle tag, the little coloured numbers in reverse represent the written information such as the positive thoughts and affirmations, spiritual texts such as the Vedics and mantras that have been converted into mathematical or hashing algorithms.  




Allium Test – The Allium test is suggested as a standard in environmental monitoring, used as a bio-indicator for establishing environmental pollution. It is an efficient scientific procedure for conducting research in to the quality of water. Onion tests (allium test) provide unyielding evidence as to the quality of water and unlike chemical tests, demonstrates the comprehensive pollution effects.






Bio-Electrographic Observation – The principal tool of GDV bio-electrographic observation, analysis, and verification is the Bio-Well software, developed by one of world’s leading biophysicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov of St. Petersburg, Russia. This technology makes it possible to detect and observe the play of light (aura) around the human body, transforming analogue information into useful and vital data that can be analyzed, applied and shared. 




Apple Test – A simple test anyone can perform at home using 2 equal pieces of an apple. Try this yourself!





Sunflower Test - In which two sunflowers we placed in the same environment, with the same quantity of water, from the same source. One was placed in an (orange) Informed Water Bottle and the other one in just a normal glass bottle. The result shows the level of deterioration on both flowers after 6 days. Try this yourself!


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NB:  The bottles are manufactured in Slovenia and retail at €54.90.  A condition of being an international reseller is that the bottles are priced at the equivalent of €54.90 in local currency.  [CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK]

Allum Test Report

Apple Test Report

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