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Medicine Card Readings

Medicine Card Readings are a unique divination system which draws upon ancient knowledge and the natural ways of our animal guides.  Based on the signs the natural world gives us and the great wisdom animals give us, Medicine Card readings guide the way to healing the mind, body, emotions and spirit by providing insights and new perspectives of what is happening with or for you now and how to move forward.


By learning the meaning of the animal totems that come to us at the perfect time and how these signs are powerful and meaningful to our life situations, Medicine Card Readings help you achieve personal growth, transformation and balanced living.

There are several different Medicine Card spreads, depending on the medicine you are seeking or the problem or issue you are trying to understand.  Your selections may surprise you but they will indeed be correct.

As you come into this Earth Walk, there are 7 directions surrounding your physical body.  East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within.  The direction Within exists within you but also surrounds you, since the entire Universe is inside of your consciousness.

Two other animals which make up your 9 totem animals are the ones that are walking at each side of you at all times.  They are Right Side and Left Side.

1 - East:  The animal in the East guides you to your greatest spiritual challenges and guards your path to illumination.

The 9 Totem Animals

Each person has 9 power or totem animals that represent the medicine they carry in their Earth Walk.  These animals or creature beings emulate your abilities, talents and challenges.

2 - South:  The animal in the South protects the child within and reminds you when to be humble and when to trust, so innocence will be balanced in your personality.

3 - West:  The animal in the West leads you to your own personal truth and inner answers.  It also shows you your path to your goals.

4 - North:  The animal in the North gives wise counsel and reminds you when to speak and when to listen.  It also reminds you to be grateful for every blessing, every day.

5 - Above:  The animal Above teaches you how to honour the Great Star Nation and reminds you that you came from the stars and to the stars you will return.  This animal is also the guardian of the Dreamtime for your personal access to other dimensions.

6 - Below:  The animal Below teaches you about the inner Earth, and how to stay grounded and on the path.

7 - Within:  The animal Within teaches you how to find your heart’s joy and how to be faithful to your personal truths.  It is also the protector of your sacred space, the place that is yours alone and is never shared, except by invitation.

8 - Right Side:  This animal protects your male side and teaches you that no matter where you turn, it will be your Father-protector within.  This animal also carries your courage and Warrior spirit.

9 - Left Side:  This animal is the protector of your female side and teaches you that you must learn to receive abundance as well as to nurture yourself and others.  This animal is also your teacher about relationships and mothering.

The Pathway Spread

The Pathway spread comes from a Druidic system of divination and gives you overall information about your pathway in life.  It shows you your present pathway as well as where you have been, where you are going, what is challenging you and what you have completed.

1 – This animal represents your past.

2 – This animal represents your present.

3 – This animal represents your future.

4 – This animal represents the pattern or set of life lessons that is moving through your life.

5 – This animal represents the challenges you have conquered or the lessons just completed.

6 – This animal represents what is working for you.

7 – This animal represents what is working against you.

The Medicine Wheel Spread

In the Medicine Wheel spread each of the four directions reveals certain things that you need to reflect upon in your personality.  They also disclose how you are learning from yourself, from others and from the animals.  The card in the centre is the Sacred Mountain.

1 – East:  This animal reveals where your spiritual strength lies and indicates the direction your spiritual path is taking.  It can also reveal the major challenge to seeing clearly in your present situation.

2 – South:  This animal describes how its medicine is teaching the child within you as your adult self walks through life.  It reveals what you need to trust in yourself and what you need to nurture in your growing process.

3 – West:  This animal gives you the internal solution to your present life challenges.  It indicates where your goals need attention and how to reach the desired end.

4 – North:  This animal teaches you how you may spiritually apply and integrate the lessons of the other directions.  The animal medicine of the North is the key to walking in wisdom, knowing the teacher within and connecting to your higher-self’s purpose and intention.

5 – The Sacred Mountain Card:  The position of the Sacred Mountain asks you to look at the present.  In this position you are standing, in a sense, at the crossroads of the spiritual and physical realities. 

The animal represented in the Sacred Mountain card will indicate how your spiritual and physical realities have melded to produce the ‘you’ of the present moment.  Since all things evolve, tomorrow this ‘you’ will have grown in understanding so this animal may be different. In accepting this omen of who you are in the present, you may then see what needs changing or modifying, whether you are balanced or upset, and if you need to enter the silence for answers.

The Sun Lodge Spread

The Sun Lodge spread is the spread of outward relationships and determines how others see you. In using it you are asking the medicine powers to tell you how another person perceives you. 

1 – East:  This animal tells you how the person sees you spiritually.

2 – South:  This animal tells you how the person sees you in the relation to the material world.

3. West:   This animal tells you how the person is likely to interact with you in response to your deepest desires.

4 – North:  This animal tells you how the person views you intellectually.

5 – Central:  This animal tells you the total view of what the person has of you. It suggests how the person will immediately respond to your pressures.

The Moon Lodge Spread

“There are more roots that branches”, the old wise one said.  This expression notes the importance of knowing what is beneath the surface. The moon lodge is a mirror of your own personal unconsciousness.  The world knows you outwardly, but only you can know the force moving deep within yourself.  The Moon Lodge spread is therefore a tool to help you uncover that which is hidden.  By using this spread it is possible to rip away the veils of lies and self-deceptions you have been using to thwart your own growth.

1 – East:  In the Moon Lodge spread this card is known as the whirling spirit card.  This animal is the key to unlocking your spiritual nature and to clearly see your spiritual talents and abilities.

2 – South:  This card is the new growth or seed card.  This animal reveals possible beginnings, either in personal relationships or how you relate to your environment.  It may reveal your true feeling for or about someone or something and will show you your hidden emotion towards a person or thing.

3 – West:   This is the Dream-Within-the-Dream card.  This animal may lead you to your real purpose in life so study it well and carefully.  Is your dream vision a product of your superficial ego, or are you being truly introspective and realizing the goals which your higher-self is suggesting?  It is here in the West that you impregnate yourself with your real life mission.

4 – North:   This card indicates the inner wisdom you may not have recognised in yourself.  The North is the place of wisdom and knowing.  If you are looking outside for answers, this animal gently nudges you into following its lead to find the same wisdom within yourself.  Taking head to this animal with the idea of knowing yourself will break any self-deception you may have.

5 – Central:  This card indicates the integration point of all the directional medicine of your personal unconsciousness. It is the power shield of the True Self.  This animal is the card of the circle of knowing the Within, the taproot of your personal consciousness.  Know the True Self, the Within, and those without can never fool or deceive you.

The Butterfly Spread

The Butterfly spread is used to determine the outcome of projects or group enterprises. Four cards are used for this medicine. The four cards of this spread are placed in the four cardinal points of the medicine wheel in the order of East, South, West and North. These animals indicate the various phases that a project or activity will move through right towards its conclusion.

1 – East:  This represents the Egg. View this animal as the nucleus or seed of your idea, project or activity.  Allow its medicine to interact with the concept of your enterprise.  It will suggest the value of the inner core of your plan.

2 – South:  This represents the Larva.  This animal is about early doing.  What needs to be done and how will it be done in the pragmatic world?  Who will take responsibility for this work?  Just as a butterfly egg first turns into a growing struggling caterpillar, this is the medicine of the larva. Will the energise be great enough to overcome the obstacles?  The caterpillar sheds its skin many times during its growth.  Will the many egos involved in your project or activity shed skin in order to facilitate achievement?

3 – West:  This represents the Cocoon or Chrysalis.  This animal speaks of higher purpose, where the highest transformation takes place.  Transformation or metamorphosis happens inside the chrysalis and a beautiful butterfly soon emerges.  In receiving the medicine of this animal ask yourself why you have joined or taken on the activity or project you are considering.  Was it to serve the Great Spirit and the Tribe or was it to serve yourself?  If your activity or project was simply self-serving, it will in all probability backfire on you.  It is not the Self, but the people, the family, the clan, the tribe, and the Great Spirit that are to be served.

4 – North:  This represents the Butterfly.  This animal is likely to tell you if the Great Spirit is walking hand in hand with you, your group or project.  It tells you what type of rewards are to be gained. Will financial reward be yours?  Look to the spirit of the North for this answer.  But as every Medicine person will tell you, “Matter follows vision and spirit”.  It is the law.  This card is the place of manifestation.

The Father Sky / Mother Earth Spread

Everyone has two sides to their personality.  The Father Sky / Mother Earth spread is a method of balancing yourself when times are hectic and you feel the need to rid yourself of the confusion.

1 - The Male or Warrior Energy side.  This is the side of you that has the courage to move forward into the world and seek adventure, or put ideas into action.  It can be the Father within who is always there to teach and console you and the part of your being that is the protector of all that you create.  It can also be the Medicine Man within, who knows how to heal you with his shamanistic ways.  Father Sky relates to the Right side of the body which is ruled by the left brain, or analytical side of the mind. This animal represents the embodiment of these aspects of yourself. 

2 - The Female Receptive side:  This is the side of your nature that knows how to allow the manifestation of life and how to receive goodness through the process of allowing all things in their time.  It is the Goddess energy, the Anima, the Mother Within, the Wise-Woman and the Enchantress, as well as the little girl.  The Mother Earth side is the left side of your nature which is ruled by the right brain, or intuitive side.  It is the nurturing side of your nature that houses your creative force.  Within the Great Mystery, all things exist.  The ideas that will be reality and have material form are all seeds in the time / space of the intuitive side of your nature.  Female energy may be mysterious because it is constantly giving birth to new ideas and life forms; hence the changeability of women.  This animal represents your creative nature and your ability to receive ideas from the Great Mystery.

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